Level 1: Online Certification

Level One certification verifies that the volunteers/coaches in your league or on your team understand the proper techniques and fundamentals for instructing youth players. This is the first step toward higher levels of certification and can be taken online at the applicant's leisure.

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Level 2: Classroom & Field Training

Level Two certification requires coaches to attend an Offense-Defense coaching clinic in person where he/she will take part in classroom exercises and observe on-field demonstrations to strengthen their knowledgebase and coaching credentials. The cost for this event is $50 per coach and requires a minimum of 60 coaches in attendance. It is a prerequisite for Level Three certification.

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Level 3: Summer Camp

Level Three certification involves hands-on teaching and instruction at an Offense-Defense Camp. You will be delivering the curriculum to athletes under the supervision of long-time certified Offense-Defense Head Coaches. This is the highest level of youth coaching certification in the country.
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